Look no further and be a part of Uplifted Athletics Training Facility.  Uplifted Athletics offers a space for fitness professionals, personal trainers, and coaches who are independent contractors to conduct their own business in an uncrowded, great energy filled environment, and professional space.  You as the fitness professional are your own boss as you charge your own rates and set your own hours/schedule.

Uplifted Athletics offers a pay as you go system and if you reach a certain threshold of hours per month you pay a flat discounted rate.  If you just have a few clients, have a full schedule, or are looking to train a small group this might be the place for you.  Its a win for all parties as we are dedicated to the fitness professional.  

Not only is Uplifted Athletics providing a space but provide another incentive as we market you into our website, social media handles, and local businesses that may generate additional avenues of income.  We welcome you to the family.  Lets grow together.

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